Year 1T Reading List

Year 1T Reading List

In this space i’ve decided to keep a running list of books and stories we cover in class.  These might be connected to our Literacy, Math, topic, science, or any good book I feel like sharing with you and the kids.  I’ll add book titles, author names, and link information should the books be available locally or online.  Therefore, make sure you check back periodically as I will be adding to the list as we go along through the school year.

Year 1T Term 1 Reading List


  1. Hi Mr.Tom,
    You are doing good.You can send us some working sheets for the mathmatical practice.So that it will be helpful to all in future.

  2. I’m for it. I think sending maths worksheets is a good idea.

  3. hi!

  4. A general comment. Every reading book that comes home has marks and underlines in them, some in pen, that apparently have been done by parents when reading with their child. I have no idea if this is a problem with us, Year 1, or the books arrive in Year 1 from the library in that condition.

    Regardless, as everyone may recall we may all get a bill for a 10,000 Baht refundable damage deposit with our tuition invoice for the next school year. If so, there have to be some strict guidelines established before a book that is damage can be accepted, or an innocent child may be held responsible.

    It’s just as easy to use your finger when separating a word for pronunciation or stressing a sound, rather than a pen. Thanks. Peter

  5. I’d like to second Peter’s comment and I also have noticed stray pen/pencil marks showing up in some of the reading books shared by the children. PLEASE do not write in the books, as i’m certain no one would appreciate a friend borrowing something and then marking on your personal effects from your own home. Please extend the same courtesy you’d expect to receive as well.
    Thanks! 🙂

  6. Thanks for your support in training our children,may God bless you.

  7. Thanks for helping & encouraging Nami in reading and really make her feel confident

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