About Mr. Tom

Welcome to our Year 1T blog page for Garden International School, Thailand.  My name is Thomas Grogan (Mr. Tom) and I am originally from the state of Alabama in the United States of America.  However, I’ve been working within international education community here in Thailand for the past 10 years.   Furthermore, during my time as an educator here I have had the opportunity to teach mainly with Key Stage 1 students.

I believe children learn in many different ways, and I feel it is my responsibility as an educator is to provide them with a range of learning opportunities to enable them to excel in all areas of their cognitive, social, and physical development.  Perception and intuition are essential for an excellent teacher, and I strive to go beyond simply teaching, and work to see what makes a child “tick” or motivates them to learn.  My goal as an educator is to truly get to the heart of where they are and how they learn best.  Only then can one plan and implement solid effective teaching strategies and work within a well-developed curriculum for each child.  This, I believe, is the heart of a “child centered” philosophy, and that is the type of educator I strive to be.

As an educator in Thailand, I have had the opportunity to experience significant differences in language and culture.  This has aided me to learn and develop as an educator.  I endeavor to nurture within each individual child a love of learning and instill the intrinsic desire to learn and know.  Therefore, I consider it my responsibility to you to facilitate that learning, and personalize that need to know, so the students can feel their educational experience is tailored just for them.  Finally, in understanding the needs of students, I as an educator can learn alongside them, and they, in turn, teach me.  I’m looking forward to a great year with you and your family, and please don’t hesitate to contact me at:  tomg@gardenbangkok.com should you have any questions or concerns.  🙂

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