Posted by: TominThai | 06/02/2012

February begins with Birthdays and Beanstalks ^__^

Happy Monday Moms & Dads!

The month of Saint Valentine has gotten off to a great start, thanks in no small part to some super yummy bits of cake courtesy of Mr. Pieter’s Mom and Dad.  Last Friday we got to celebrate Pieter’s birthday with him here at school, and I want to extend a special thanks to his Mom and Dad for the delicious ice cream cakes!  It was definitely the best way to finish off our week and start the month of February!

We’ve got a couple of big events coming up over the next 2 weeks, aside from our usual class activities, so i wanted to write and attempt to get you up to speed on what’s going on here at GIS.  This Friday the 10th of February we will be having our annual “Humanities Day” here at GIS.  So, we will be having an Around the World/International Day at school to celebrate and highlight different countries from around the globe.  The children are encouraged to come to school dressed in their native clothing/costumes and we will be having special “country” themed activities in all the classrooms here in the First School.  Each teacher has picked out a country to represent, so the children will divide up in groups and travel around to different “countries” to participate in special fun activities.  We will have a special assembly on Friday morning to begin the day and a parade of nations around the Garden before we begin the day of globe trotting.  School hours will be as normal, so there is no need to worry about picking up or dropping off early on the day.  Just come in as normal, and make sure your little one is here on time so they don’t miss out on any of the special activities.

Then, on next Wednesday the 15th of February we will be having our annual GIS Swimming Gala from 9AM till noon at the Goethe Institute on Sathorn Soi 1.   If it is your first time visiting the Goethe Institute then you can view a map by clicking here.  Letters about the Swimming Gala went out last week and I have received slips back from everyone with one exception, so I’m looking forward to seeing how well the little ones glide through the water. It should be a super fun morning!


We’ve this week and next till we reach the end of the term, and we’re going to be getting ready to wrap up our fairy tale unit with Jack & the Beanstalk this week.   This story always is one of Mr. Tom’s favorites and i’m hoping to get the kids acting out parts of the story on their own by the end of the week.  Also, in Math we will be looking at ordinal numbers.  We will be working on using the correct vocabulary associated with 1st, 2nd, 3rd…..and hopefully they will be able to identify and match the correct words by the end of the week.  In science this week we are going to be getting ready to finish up our look at growing plants by talking about why we need to grow plants.  Why do people have farms and why do we prefer to grow certain plants in mass and not others?

Finally, in topic we will be taking a look at the Giant Pandas of China and talk about what it means when an animal is “endangered” and what it means to be “extinct.”   We will be looking at some interesting facts about Giant Pandas so be sure to quiz them about it when they come home on Thursday.

I hope you everyone has a fantastic week ahead and as always please feel free to email me or comment directly here on the blog if you have any concerns or questions!


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