Posted by: TominThai | 09/01/2012

Hi!! Moms and Dads,

Happy New Year once again and welcome to Term 2! I hope you had an enjoyable and relaxing holiday break. This is an email copy of the letter i sent out last week, but I thought i would touch base with you again just to keep the lines of communication as open as possible. As previously stated, we’ve got another busy Term 2 ahead for you and the little ones, so here are a few reminders to get the ball rolling for a successful and productive Spring Term.



  • The Chinese New Year Show will be this Friday the 13th of January at 8:30 AM so don’t forget to dress the children up in red.
  • International Day & activities will be Thursday the 26th of January and children are invited to wear costumes representing their native countries.
  • PE kit must still be brought in or worn on Mondays and Fridays as last term.
  • Also, again please make sure and send Swimming kits in on Wednesdays, as last term some children missed out a few times due to a lack of swimming attire.
  • Diary, reading books and reading records need to be signed and returned to school daily….Again, please at least sign the reading records so i know you have read with them.
  • Also, again PLEASE do not allow toys to come to school from home, as Mr. Tom cannot be responsible if they get lost or go missing!

Thanks so much for signing up for clubs this term, if you have already done so, as i know the current system for getting them into the clubs can be a bit of a inconvenience. I have the following lists ready to go and if you have any questions/changes/additions then please let me know as soon as possible:

  • Monday/Cooking–Khao, Pieter, Saliou, Tai Heng, Anise
  • Tuesday/Paper Crafts–Tai-Heng, Sunn, Anise
  • Wednesday/Tennis–Anise
  • Thursday/Word Search–Khao, Saliou
  • Thursday/Painting & Drawing–Pieter, Tai Heng, Sunn, Anaelle, Anise, Lucie

As always, If you have any questions you may write them in the homework diary or email me here at this address and I will try to answer them as promptly as possible. Additionally, I am going to do a better job with our class website and information blog at so please take a moment to go visit and sign up for regular email updates.  I haven’t updated the spelling list on the website just yet, but i will be doing so for sure before the end of the week.  Again, welcome back and let’s have a great Term 2 here in Year 1.

Yours sincerely

Mr. Tom


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