Posted by: TominThai | 14/11/2011

Christmas concerts and Spelling tests!

HI Moms and Dads!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend, and it sure was great to see most of the kids back at school last week.  We only have five weeks to go till the end of the term now, and a lot of ground to cover until we get there.  We started practicing for our Christmas concert as soon as we returned to school last week, and the kids really seem to enjoy this year’s music selection.

Our Year children will be angels in this year’s concert, and we fortunately have some costumes for them to wear already.  Year 1 will be on stage singing 2 songs for the show, so please make sure to spend a little extra time practicing these at home.  Our songs can be found over at the First School Youtube page and they will be “Good News” and “Away in a Manager.”  Also, a few of the Year 1 children will be taking speaking parts in this year’s performance, so please be on the lookout for their lines to come home this week in their folders.  The children will be paired with a Year2 student to say the lines and the scripts will need to be memorized if possible by the time the show rolls around on the last week of school.

Also, I’ve given it some thought concerning our missed spelling words over the past 2 weeks and I’ve decided to roll over the words from where we were supposed to start 2 weeks ago at the original back to school date following the mid-term holiday.  I will make the adjustments on the spelling page this evening, and also the words that come home in their communication books today will be the words we would have previously started with as well.

Thanks so much for all your hard work and patience over the past few weeks, and I’m looking forward to a great 4 weeks ahead with the little ones!  Take care and have a great week!

Mr. Tom


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