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Year 1 Homework Links for the Flood Holiday…

A little homework for the floods....

Dear Year 1 Parents,

I sincerely hope you and your families are well, and that all of your homes are far from the flood affected areas here in Bangkok and the surrounding countryside.  I’m sure by now you are aware that the school will unfortunately continue to remain closed at least until Monday the 7th November, but we hope to be back to normal as soon as possible once we get the official “ok” from the Thai government.

As this is such an unusual circumstance causing us to miss school this week, I thought it might be a helpful to provide some supplementary learning opportunities by giving you some online homework options you can do with your children while we wait for the school to reopen.   The children in Year 1 have spent a little time in our ICT classes exploring an excellent homework website called  The website is easy to use and it can serve as a fun supplement for the work we do in school or miss out on as the case may be this week.  The students already have usernames and passwords that allow for easy home access for each child to log in and complete 3 activities set by their teachers.  I can track their progress as they complete the activities and I can set new tasks to correspond to the material we are covering in class.

So, I thought it would be a good idea to use this website to keep the children actively engaged on a daily basis with your help and support at home.  Click here and the link will take you directly to the log in page I’ve set up for the children in class.  Follow the link through to and don’t forget to save the address to your favourites in your web browser.  Once you arrive at the page you will see a name list for the children in our class, and I encourage you to scroll down and click on the button under your child’s name. Normally, this would take you to a long in page with usernames and passwords, but we can set that up at a later date.  The button will take you to a menu page and if you scroll down the page just a little you will see the tasks that I have set for your child to complete.  Click on the picture with the tasks and you may begin the work with your child giving support as needed.  I’ve already set up 1 Literacy and 2 Mathematics activities for you to complete on the website, and just for this week I will go in every evening before I go to bed and change the activities for the following day to review the material we’ve covered thus far this school year.  Some of the activities are completely online and interactive, and there are also worksheets available you can print of for the little ones to do at home.  I will try to mix up the options I provide for you daily to keep the review interesting for you and your children.

Also, as a way to supplement the missed reading this week I would like to encourage you to visit the website  I’ve been using this website for a few years now with my students, and it is yet another excellent resource for encouraging and developing the reading ability of children.  I’ve been using it during the “expat English” sessions, so some of the students should be familiar with the website once you click on it to visit.  I think for most of the students in our class you can start with the stories reached by clicking on the number 3 button marked “It’s Fun To Read” Start with “All About me” and allow the children to work their way down the list doing one a day, making sure they take their time and read through the interactive stories.  There is the smallest possibility that they will be inclined to click through the stories as quickly as possible, but please encourage them to take their time and read through each page using the audio guides as needed for support.

I thoughts go out to everyone this disaster has touched and I feel most certain you also look forward to a return to normal life as soon as possible.  Let’s all hope the floodwaters pass quickly and recede so that we can return to our lives as normal soon.  Please stay safe and I hope to see your little ones return to school as normal at the beginning of next week.

Take care,

Mr. Tom


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