Posted by: TominThai | 23/08/2011

Welcome to my new Year 1’s and Their Families!

Firstly, I wanted to extend my warmest greetings to all my new Moms and Dads this year as I begin my first year here in Bangkok as the Year 1 teacher at Bangkok GIS.  As many of you are already aware i’m sure, My name is Mr. Tom and I joined the team at Garden International School down in Rayong a couple of years ago. I taught Year 1 there, and now I’m very excited to be back in Bangkok once again with the opportunity to work with the Year 1 students here in the big city.  I look forward to providing your child with many learning experiences in the coming school year ahead.

Firstly, as i noted in the letter that came home earlier today, we will be having weekly spelling tests so make sure to review and practice with the children at home during the week. I will be adding the spelling words of the week to their blue communication books every Monday for you, as well as any other notes we need to share back and forth as partners in your child’s education. I have also posted all the spelling words we will cover this term here on the blog and you can view them by clicking the “Spellings” page tab just above this post.

Today I had the chance to sit down with each of the children in class to assess their reading levels, so please look for their readers to be coming home starting tomorrow.  In case your new to the school, each night the green reading record will arrive home with a book, and I would like to ask that you take a little time and read with the children every day if possible. Please remember to sign and make any comments you may have for each reading completed so that I will know if they perhaps need more practice with their book or are ready for a new book or level of reading.

Finally, If you have any questions, please feel free to write them directly here on the blog, jot them down in this contact book and I will answer them as quickly as possible. Further, If you wish to see me you can make an appointment either by writing it in this contact book or using my school email address: Again, I encourage you to please also comment here on our blog as often as you like, and I hope to achieve a healthy positive partnership between the school and home for the benefit of your child’s education this year in our Year 1 class.

Thank you and I look forward to a great year!

Thomas Grogan (Mr. Tom)



  1. Hello Mr.Tom, Paul is my son and he’s exactly new to the international school. I will do my best to improve his reading and writing skills as quickly as possible. Thank you and looking forward to a great year too!!

  2. Thank you for your comments and kind words. Paul seems to be enjoying his time in class so far and he definitely seems eager to learn. I think he will do well with us here in Year 1! 🙂

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