Posted by: TominThai | 09/05/2011

May Updates and Musings…

Hi Moms and Dads!

I apologize for the lack of communication for the past couple of weeks, but it got really busy very fast after we started the term.  As you may already be aware, the visiting CIS accreditation team visited us at GIS for a week, and we are now eagerly awaiting their official report to be issued sometime in July.  They seemed impressed with level of professionalism and teaching practice, so fingers crossed that we met up to the rest of their standards.

The month of May has gotten off to a good start here in Year 1 and the kids are doing great with this term’s material thus far.  We’ve been focusing on 10 more and 10 less over the past week, and that should take us into working with different coin denominations this week.  The students did a great job grasping the mental math skills needed to do the sums in the heads, so I’m hoping this week we can use that developing knowledge to good use with Thai baht.

In Literacy last week we looked at punctuation last week, with a focus on full stops and capital letters at the beginning of sentences.  The students are doing much better now remembering to use them in their work, but a little practice at home wouldn’t go astray.  We also started looking at the appropriate usage of question marks versus full stops, so you could give them a few sentences at random to see if they can correctly identify the appropriate punctuation.

In science we’ve started looking at “materials” and how we use them to make different things in our every day life.  We’ve talked about raw materials like wood , stone, and fabric as well as man-made stuff like plastics, glass and different types of synthetic fabric.

In Topic we’ve started learning about Japan and the students did a great job remembering the names of the 4 main islands and the capital city of Tokyo.  We will continue our studies with a look at some famous landmarks such as Mt. Fuji and some of the ancient Japanese castles around the country.  It is a very interesting topic to explore with the little ones, and I must confess that it is one of Mr. Tom’s favourites.

On another note…We have the pleasure of performing one of the year group assemblies in Term 3, and our big production date will be Monday the 30th of May at 2:20 PM and of course we hope to see everyone there for the event.  We are going to attempt to put on the story of Elmer the Elephant for our assembly, with a song or two thrown in for good measure.  Some of the children will be reading as narrators for the story line, so those bits should be coming home this week for practice.  As before, please make sure the practice lines come back and forth to school each day so we can practice daily at school as well.

We also have the House Swimming Gala on Friday the 20th of May, so make sure to pack an extra towel, swim suit and sunscreen for the big event.  Also, we’ve got a surprise holiday announced from the Thai government on Monday the 16th to go along with the day we already scheduled off on the 17th.

I was thinking to go ahead with the planned spelling test next week, as I know many of you practice regularly at home but if you have any thoughts to the contrary please let me know.

It’s going to be a busy, busy month here as usual but I promise to make every attempt to keep you as updated as possible on a regular basis.  Speak to you soon, and as always thanks for your support at home!



  1. A little confusion Tom:

    1) House drama this Friday. Is this a show of some kind with our kids?

    2) Per above, assembly show next Monday at 1420 hours. I’m clear on that one.

    3) Hey Diddle Diddle poem came home today attached to the contact book. What is this for and to be memorized by when?

    Thanks. Peter

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