Posted by: TominThai | 02/03/2011

Field Trip Reminders…

Hi Moms & Dads!

As you already know, tomorrow on the 3rd of March Years 1, 3 and 5 will go on our first field trip of the year to Nong Nooch Gardens and the nearby Chinese temple.  The kids are very excited to head out tomorrow morning and all the children will be accompanied by their teachers and classroom assistants, with some auxiliary staff with us as well.

The children will leave school at 8.05am using the school buses and will return to school at about 3pm in time to go home as normal.  Please make sure that you have your children at school tomorrow morning on time!

Also, Mr. Grisdale has requested that all students please wear the PE uniforms for this trip as we will be outside most of the day for the trip and it is certain to be warm by the afternoon.  Field trips are often the highlight of the year for the students, and we certainly hope that tomorrow will be no exception to the rule.

Finally, here are a few things we ask that you please make sure to send along with the little ones tomorrow.

Children must bring:

  • a packed lunch
  • water
  • a hat and
  • sun cream

Thanks so much for all your cooperation and support as always!  See you tomorrow!



  1. Hi Mr.tom…
    Today dev had so much fun at nongnooch garden.
    It’s was a good trip. 🙂

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