Posted by: TominThai | 25/10/2010

Halloween Highlights!

Our ghosts and goblins for the day!

Happy Halloween!

We’re now officially on our first well deserved mid-term break of the year, so I thought I would post a few photographic highlights for you guys to enjoy.  The kids really seemed to enjoy the day, and I want to thank everyone for making such a big effort in getting the little ones ready with their costumes, make-up and outfits.  They looked great!

We had a really good week in year 1 last week, as we carried the Halloween theme over into all our subjects.  The children took some time counting pumpkins, ghosts, and black cats in Math.  We also used some of the knowledge of shapes we learned to create our own pumpkin faces in some of our art work completed this last week.

Mosiac pumpkins....

In Literacy, the students were spending some time reading and writing about Winnie the Witch.  The Winnie the Witch series is a good set of books that reinforces basic vocabulary, simple sentence structure and listening skills all at the same time.  We also made some spooky ghosts in Art using the handprints from the children as the base for the ghostly images.

Printing Spooky Ghosts....

I like to incorporate holiday themes into my regular teaching as often as possible, so be sure to expect more holiday photos coming up very soon.  In the meantime….please enjoy these photos from last week and I will see you guys next Monday!

Be Afraid....Be Very Afraid! 🙂

Vampires Smile before Snacks!



  1. Reference the Clubs for the 2nd half of the term Tom. Some available for Grades 1 and 2 have nebulous names. I don’t have the list at hand as sent back already with choices. For future reference can you please explain what some are that are not clear by title. I recall ‘Small World” and one or two others. Thanks. Peter

  2. Hi Peter,
    I’ll pass along this idea to Mrs. Jenn who organizes the clubs for Primary and see if she can get teachers to offer brief explanations for new clubs they offer each term that rolls around. We had a “clubs” assembly on the first day back to explain the clubs to the students, so they could make their choices but obviously this isn’t useful to the Year 1’s. I’ll make the effort and personally make sure and provide explanations to you guys for new clubs next time around. 🙂

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