Posted by: TominThai | 18/09/2010

Rain, Rain go away!

Dear Moms and Dads,

You’ll be pleased to hear that week 4 turned out to be yet another great week here in Year 1, despite the heavy rains that seem to happening on a daily basis across the country.  On Wednesday the GIS students in Years 3-6 went to watch the REPS production of the Wizard of Oz here at GIS, but we were worried the scenes involving the Wicked Witch of the West might be to scary for the Year 1’s and 2’s to attend.  So, Ms. Lucy in Year 2 and I treated the 1’s and 2’s to a movie in the afternoon instead so they wouldn’t feel to left out.

Reading Time in Year 1

In Literacy we have continued with our review of Letters and Sounds before we move on towards blends to make sure all the kids are on the same page as much as possible.  Also, as you surely have noticed, some of the students have made some big jumps in their reading levels over the past week as well.  I believe this is due to increased confidence levels in some of the students as they become more settled into being in class and comfortable with our class routines.  It is a great sign and I’m thrilled to see some of our little ones already reading so well.  We also did some sentence level work, and the students started exploring their own ability to independently write short basic sentences on their own.  They discovered they could put together sentences like “It is a pig….It is a dog….It is a cat” with the knowledge they already possess.  It’s always neat to see that look on their faces when they have one of those “Hey, I can do this” moments, when they realize that they are capable of constructing and writing sentences on their own.

In Math, we spent some time working with simple addition of numbers to 20.  We used counters earlier in the week to give the concept a concrete “hands on” feel for the kids, and then i attempted to encourage the use of counting on in our heads as the week went on.  Then on Friday we did an assessment piece with the students, and about half the students still were having trouble with the concept of adding numbers greater than 10.  So, i think we may spend one more week next week on adding just to make sure everyone understands before we move on.  It might help if you guys could do a little work with them at home as well with adding numbers to 20, just to reinforce the work we’re doing at school.

In Science we continued making the connection between our facial body parts and the senses they represent.  The students identified sight, smell, hearing, and taste as being important ways we interact with the world around us.  We also tried to imagine would life would be like without one or more of the senses as well.  Next week, we will take a more close look at the sense of smell with a fun smell test of various scents.  This little lab experiment is always a treat, so i’ll be sure to take pics as we complete this one.

Finally, please don’t forget that Monday the 20th of September is no school for the students as we have a big inservice day at GIS in collaboration with a couple of other big schools in the area.  Mr. Tom will be running one workshop Monday afternoon on creating and maintaining a class blog for some of the other teachers, so hopefully other parents can benefit from this kind of online interaction soon as well.  The, on Tuesday, we’ll be back to business as usual first thing in the morning.

Don't forget Monday the 20th!!


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